Unless otherwise noted, events take place in the church of St. Andrew’s on The Terrace, 30 The Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand from 12:15pm to about 1pm

Generally there’s is no charge for admission and we welcome your donations/dana/koha

Upcoming events for 2017

NOTE: Unless otherwise stated, our Lectures will now be on a Thursday starting at the new time of 12:30 and running to 2pm

March to June - Human flourishing / July to November the Courage to Act


As part of a review of the Trust during 2016, it was decided that we focus our study activities based on the idea that the trust will “be a catalyst for transforming religion and society to be more compassionate and accepting”.

The plans for the coming year are focussed around 2 weekend conferences and a series of associated lunchtime meetings. In the first half of the year the theme is on Human Flourishing and from July on the Courage to Act. There will be a number of invited speakers and an opportunity for participants to develop and discuss the topics they introduce in greater detail. People who take part will be encouraged to identify and act to develop the elements of flourishing and courage in our lives and communities.


Overview -  Human Flourishing: March to June 2017

GDP is high and some say we have a rock-star economy but does that translate into human well-being? For many of the things that are truly valuable to our humanity there is a paradox. Often the most valuable elements can be hard to justify with a purely economic viewpoint such as studying the humanities or investment in museums, arts and culture. In contrast those things like love and connection can are generally not subject to the transactional or the money economy no matter how plentiful the money is.

27 April, 12:30 to 2pm - Winton Higgins talks on The Politics of Decency

Winton Higgins 2016 1000x1503The tide of xenophobia, misogyny, prejudice and callousness towards ‘the Other’ is rising. This is the politics of indecency, so how do we create a sea wall that will turn it back? How do we respond forcefully with a politics of decency? What sort of communities and civil society do we want to build? How can we flourish as humans, living in harmony with each other and with nature?

Winton has been a Buddhist practitioner since 1987, and a teacher of insight meditation since 1995. He has contributed to the development of a secular Buddhism internationally, and is a senior teacher for Sydney Insight Meditators and Secular Buddhism in Aotearoa New Zealand. He also teaches an annual course at the Aquinas Academy in Sydney on various ethical, social and political topics.

Born in 1941, Winton grew up on a sheep and cattle station in outback NSW, and then in Tennant Creek in central Australia. He was an academic at Macquarie University, Sydney, and the University of Technology Sydney. Cultivating a wide range of intellectual interests, three came to dominate: social-democratic theory and practice, especially the Swedish experience 1928–76; genocide studies, with special reference to the Holocaust; and standardisation.

His most recent book is the novel Rule of Law. His website is at wintonhiggins.org, and much of his dharma writing can be found at secularbuddhism.org.nz/resources/documents/#wh.
– This meeting has been organised jointly by St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society and Wellington’s secular Buddhist community, One Mindful Breath


There are other events happening around Winton's visit as follows:

Rule of Law: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 12:00pm12:45pm, Unity Books.
Winton Higgins will be in conversation about his new novel, Rule of Law, with Sir Anand Satyanand, a former lawyer, judge and ombudsman who was the 19th Governor-General of New Zealand and the current Chair of the Commonwealth Foundation

Certitudes and how to move beyond them: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 7:15pm 9:15p, Wellington Friends Centre, Moncrief Street.
Winton Higgins will encourage those who attend to meditate with an open awareness, and then speak about how responding skilfully to the context in which we all live is key to human flourishing.

Meditation, & being a global citizen – dharma practice and solidarity in a troubling time: Saturday, April 29, 2017, 9:00am 5:00pm, Lyon Room, Home of Compassion, Island Bay.  In this workshop, Winton Higgins will explore what we need to do to retrieve a wider, ethical vision of dharma practice in the face of today’s social, political and environmental challenges.

Information on these events can be found at the One Mindful Breath website events page here: http://onemindfulbreath.org.nz/events/




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Friday evening and Saturday May 5/6 - Human flourishing Seminar

The seminar will be part presentation and part workshop with a series of keynote speakers on the Friday evening.



7pm, Friday evening May 5th : Panel of Speakers
Heidi Thomson The Role of Humanities
Carwyn Jones New Treaty Traditions
Danielle Shanahan Living with Nature
Rev Dr Jim Cunningham
Rev Dr Susan Jones

9am - 3:30pm Saturday May 6th
Experience a creative participatory day of storytelling, workshops, and the power of singing with Julian Raphael.

Speakers: Julian Raphael The Power of Song
John Pennington Public Engagement Projects
Christina Leef Flourishing Fellowship
Paul Bruce Our Climate Declaration
Max Harris The NZ Project (video link)

Conference hosted jointly by St Andrews Trust for the Study of Religion and Society (SATRS) and Public Good

For more info and to register visit bit.ly/whocanwetrust  or text: 0221261839

To register for the conference you can pay by cash or cheque at the St Andrew’s Office,
or by direct debit to SATRS KiwiBank Account  389012 0627557-00 or online booking at http://bit.ly/humanflourishingNZ2017


Thursday June 8 12.30- 14.00 - Seminar follow up.  Details to be advised.


The Courage to Act: July to November 2017

This theme was inspired by the 50 anniversary of Lloyd Geering’s Heresy Trial in 1967 and his courage and the consequences for him in speaking about faith in a new and different way.

We seem to be moving rapidly into a world that is darker and more threatening than any time since the Second World War and believe the time is ripe for a new discussion about the meaning of the courage to act in 2017. (Incidentally October 31 is the 500 anniversary of the day on which Martin Luther posted 95 “theses” on Wittenberg church which precipitated the Protestant Reformation another time of courage and change.)

The lunchtime dates & topics are still to be confirmed but the spring seminar on Courage to Act is provisionally booked to be held on 3 & 4 November


Other events on in Wellington

"Keeping Faith in Politics” Election 2017 Series

Can we believe in politics

Download the series poster

The Least and the Last in a World of Growing Inequality
A Pub-lic Issues Conversation with RNZ Journalist Megan Whelan
27 April, 6:30pm
Venue: JJ Murphy's Pub (Cuba Mall)
- Max Rashbrooke (author of Wealth and New Zealand)
- Eric Crampton (The New Zealand Institute)
- Jon Hartley (World Vision)
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Protecting the Planet in a World of Ecological Crisis
25 May, 7:00pm Refreshments, 7:30pm Roundtable discussion
Venue: The St John's Centre, (Corner of Willis and Dixon Streets - CBD)
- Jonathan Boston (Victoria University of Wellington, IGPS)
- Catherine Iorns (Victoria University of Wellington Law and 365 Aotearoa)
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Liberation and Restoration in a World of Mass Incarceration
29 June, 7:00pm Refreshments, 7:30pm Panel discussion
Venue: Central Baptist Church (Boulcott Street - CBD)
- Chris Marshall (Victoria University of Wellington, Restorative Justice Programme)
- Tom Noakes-Duncan (Victoria University of Wellington, Restorative Justice Programme)
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Welcoming Strangers in a World of Global Migration
27 July, more details soon

Honest Leadership in a Post-Truth World
A Hustings Event with MP's from the Major Parties
31 August, 6:00pm Panel discussion
Venue: St. Andrews on the Terrace (30 The Terrace - CBD)
Members and Ministers of Parliament TBA
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Also part of the Reformation commemorations, I can give advanced notice of a public lecture by Wolfgang Huber on theme “The Spirit of the Reformation and the Future of the Market Economy.”  It is on the evening of the 11th May St John’s in the City (Willis Street) With a soft start at 6:00 for refreshments. The lecture will follow at 6:30pm.