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 The Trust has been pleased with the response to the just completed 2019 Spring Seminar Course “Compassionate Nonviolent Communication” with Sophia Tara.

With the delivery of electoral papers this month for the local body election on 12 October we are delighted invite you to a candidate’s meeting on Friday 13thSeptember.


Pukehinau / Lambton Ward Candidate’s Evening

“Wellbeing in Local Government”

Speakers: Pukehinau/Lambton, CCDHB and GWRC candidates

7 pm on Friday September 13th

at St Andrew’s on the Terrace,

Jointly hosted by:

St Andrew’s Trust for the Study of Religion and Society


St Andrew’s on the Terrace

In May this year the government announced its first well-being budget.  This brought the focus and the measurement of impacts away from financial measures and onto impacts on people and the environment.  In the same month the government also reinstated the "four well-beings" into the Local Government Act. This reinstated the original intent of the 2002 Act which was to provide for  Local Authorities to play a broad role in promoting the social, economic, environmental, and cultural well-being of their communities, taking a sustainable development approach.  (The previous government had removed them in 2012.)