Lets look again

The theme for 2015 is Let's look again



September 2015

8, 10, 15 & 17 12:15 - 1pm at St Andrew's on The Terrace

"Reformation, Resurrection, Eternity, Destiny" - The Articles by Lloyd Geering that sparked the 1969 "Heresy" trial.

Format: Lloyd Geering will read one of the articles listed (about 25 minutes) then Noel Cheer will conduct a 20 minute interview with Lloyd, teasing out some of the ideas in the lecture.

The articles:Lloyd-Geering.jpg

1) Is a New Reformation Possible? Published in Outlook (The Presbyterian weekly) on 25 September 1965 to mark Reformation Sunday 31 October 1965.

2) What does the Resurrection mean? Published in Outlook 2/4/1966 (also appears in Wrestling with God as Appendix one.

3) The Eternity in Man;s Mind was delivered at the Inaugural Service of the Victoria University of Wellington 12/3/1967. (also appears in Wrestling with God as Appendix 2).  This address included the inflammatory statement "Man has no immortal soul"

4) Humankind's Ultimate Destiny was an address to Students given at the University of Canterbury, on April 24, 1967.  It appears in the small book A Trial for Heresy published by the Presbyterian Church in 1968.

Publication:  The Magazine of the Westar Institute "The Fourth R" will reprint the four articles in its next issue.  We expect them to be on sale at St Andrew's by the end of the the series of lunchtime events.


October 2015

Weekend of 9 & 10th: Friday Night Panel and Saturday Workshops

Information, Ethics and the Public Good

Friday Evening October 23rd

Secular Buddhism

Noel Cheer will interview Winton Higgins

Noel-Cheer.pngWinton Higgins photo