Democracy, Ethics and the Public Good seminar 1 & 2 August at St. Andrew's on Th

Public Good/SATRS conference confirmed speakers and panelists as at 20 June 2014

The 2014 Geering Lectures combines with Public Good to present Democracy, Ethics and the Public Good

Rev Dr Jim Cunningham Interim Minister of St Andrews on The Terrace will introduce the conference and welcome participants

LLoyd Geering - Introduction on ethics and democracy

Keynote speakers

  • Bronwyn Hayward Senior Lecturer in Social and Political Sciences, University of Canterbury and author of Children, Citizenship and Environment; Nurturing a democratic imagination will speak on ways to help us look at how healthy our democracy is.
  • Michael Macauley Director of the Institute of Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS), Victoria University of Wellington, has worked on the UK Transparency International report and the open government partnership will speak on transparency and integrity systems and the Open Government Partnership.
  • Jane Kelsey on how international 'free trade' treaties can bypass the usual democratic controls.


  • Sandra Grey, Senior Lecturer, School of Social and Cultural Studies, Victoria University of Welington and co-author of Fears, Constraints and Contracts, the democratic reality for New Zealand’s community and voluntary sector will speak on gress roots organisations and advocacy
  • Bill Ryan, Associate Professor, School of Government will be speaking on social media and openness in government.
  • Myles Thomas: public broadcasting
  • Barbara Bedeschi-Lewando: participatory democracy
  • Cath Wallace: the Resource Management Act
  • Ben Knight: collaborative decision making with Loomio
  • Stephanie Rodgers: social media and new generation feminism
  • Max Rashbrooke: Inequality:- a New Zealand crisis
  • Meg Howie: Askaway
  • Just Speak.

YOU! Your contribution to conference workshops will help kickstart a national conversation about the quality of our democracy.

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Our theme for 2014 is

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Life is full of choices: politicians, partners, work ... everything! Are we the sum of our choices? How do we make wise choices?