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2019 Spring Seminar Course

Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC)
Friday 16 August to Friday 6 September 2019 @ 6pm – 8pm

Conference Rooms 1 & 2, St Andrews Conference Centre

Cost: $30 members, $40 non-members
To Register: email


Facilitator: Sophia Tara 

Sophia Tara initiated and founded the Nonviolent  Communication (NVC) grassroots movement in the Wellington Region over 15 years ago. She trained with the founder of NVC, Dr Marshall Rosenberg as well as trainers from the USA, UK, Europe and Australia – there were no trainers in Aotearoa at the time. She has organised many NVC workshops attended by keen participants throughout New Zealand.

Sophia has facilitated and run a wide range of NVC workshops for community activists, spiritual and social change groups, including Death Cafes, Grief and Loss with Compassion & Empathy, Alternative/Intentional Living groups, Rudolph Steiner schools, Spiritual and Buddhist communities, the Occupy NZ and Wellington Movements, Inter/national Peace and Disarmament groups, NZ Nurses Organisation, alternative Adult Education, teachers, parents and children in school communities and the general public. She resonates deeply with the Spirituality of NVC and an abiding empathy and compassion for marginalized and minority groups such as LGBTIQA or Rainbow Communities, First Nations and Indigenous People of the Land, and their plight and healing through NVC and cultural-spiritual awareness.

She also founded and runs a large Music and Ukulele Group called The Mighty Ukes aka The Wellington Ukulele Peace Network who perform gigs for WCC events and charities.

In these NVC workshops she will present and facilitate the following:

16 August - Introduction to Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

     What You Say Next Will Change Your World

Everything we do in life involves communication. Revolutionary yet simple, NVC is a practical and learnable process for communicating with empathy, honesty, confidence and compassion.

23 August -The Power of Empathy

Empathy is a quality of character that can change the world

Empathy is at the very heart of Compassionate Communication. It is a profound and total listening, neutral and deep, that does not look to influence the other or the quality of what is being said. It is being fully present in the moment and listening deeply to the real needs of the person speaking.

30 August - Transforming Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame (Part 1)

Do You Play the Blame Game of 'who's right and who's wrong?
Depression, Anger, Guilt, Shame (DAGS) are caused by judgements or what we call “Life-alienated thinking” in Compassionate Nonviolent Communication (NVC). We direct our Anger outward by blaming others, and direct it inward by blaming ourselves, resulting in the arrival of its cousins - Guilt, Shame and Depression. Anger tells us we think the 'bad person' is somebody else.
Guilt, Shame and Depression tell us we think we are the 'bad person'.

6 September - Transforming Depression, Anger, Guilt and Shame
(Part 2)