The theme for 2015 is Let's look again

Lets look again


JUNE 2015

Sunday June 14th and Tuesday June 16th

Radical Religion: John Macfarlane and the Politics of Advocacy in Mission.
Rev Wayne Te Kaawa, Moderator Te Aka Puaho (Maori Synod) will give the reflection on Sunday 14th (10am service) and a lecture on Tuesday 16th marking the 175th anniversary of the arrival of the Rev John Macfarlane. 

Rev Macfarlane was the only ordained clergy of any denomination in Wellington when he arrived on the Bengal Merchant on 20th Feb 1840, bringing with him the founding members of what would become St Andrew's in Wellington.  His terms of appointment from the Church of Scotland were originally to minster to the Scottish settlers in Wellington and by his own authority extended his terms of appointment to include developing a mission to Maori saying that "I have not limited my ministrations to any class or denomination of people". 

July 2015

14 & 21 Art Lectures

The new St Peter's Basilica Complex, Rome 1506 -1667
What the human spirit is capable of achieving!

by Dr Christopher Evan Longhurst

These lectures will look at building the new St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome and the role this structure plays in uplifting the human spirit to the uncreated source of all beauty. From the High Renaissance to the High Baroque, from Pope Julius II (r.1503-13) to Pope Alexander VII (r.1655-67); from Bramante’s classic floor plan to Michelangelo’s colossal dome, from Maderno’s imposing facade to Bernini’s captivating piazza, it unfolds the history, architecture, furnishings and treasures of the building and decoration of the new St. Peter’s, Rome. A must for connoisseurs of fine culture, art history, religion and the arts, or anyone who has visited or wants to visit this remarkable, unique and influential site.